Missouri Affirmative Action

COLUMBIA – Opponents are taking aim at Missouri’s affirmative action programs.

They’ll try again in 2010 to get Missourians to vote for a constitutional amendment banning the programs.
It’s finals week at Lincoln University and the only sounds heard at the library are the pages of books turning. But if voters ban affirmative action in missouri some say that sound could turn to uproar.

“I feel they want to stop the progess of miniorties. I feel like its wrong,” said student, Jamere Thurman.

The secretary of state has approved the circulation of a petition that proposes an end to affirmative action in public employment, education and contracting.

“In last election section we did see this initiative but they didn’t turn in the signatures to have it on the ballot,” said Laura Egerdal, who works for the secretary of state’s office.

Reached in Colorado, the petition’s sponsor said the proposal did not make it on this years ballot because supporters simply ran out of time. Petition sponsor, Tim Asher, is confident his group will get enough signatures to put the issue before voters. The opponents have more than a year to get the signatures to put the issue on the 2010 ballot.




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