Racism Vs. Sexism a blog and comment on the issue. very interesting

Where do you personally draw the line on the difference between sexism, racism and preference and why?  I’m sure if I ask ALIENated, Truthsayer or lidstron if they were sexist they’d all answer no.  I’m rather sure that none of them have had a homosexual encounter.
I haven’t personally looked at the statistics for marriage and sexual relationships but if people weren’t racist nor sexist then roughly 50% of all men and women should be in same sex relationships which simply isn’t true.  I’m arrogant enough to say that I KNOW that without even looking it up.  The same goes for my next statement there are blacks should make up roughly 15% of marriages to other blacks (perhaps a little higher due to certain concentrations of races in certain areas) 2.5% should be Asian and 80% of all people getting married should be marrying whites but this isn’t the fact at least it isn’t universally across races, most keep to their own.
How can people continue these practices and not consider themselves racist and sexist? 
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  • silverwhisper said on Sep 03, 2007….

    i’m seriously not getting what you mean here. ?


  • SeanRenaud said on Sep 03, 2007….

    What is the difference between being racist and or sexist and having a preference for say blonde hair blue eyed females?

  • thenack said on Sep 04, 2007….

    Hi Sean,


    Your conclusion on the gay thing is stupid. People marying people from the other sex does not make them sexist. It makes them human. There you go again with no moral basis to move from. Slipper slope. If you want to make this type of conclusion you have to define the word. Sexist as you mean it (I think) would be something negative, like racism. This would at the end be where one sex looks down on the other. Your argument here is then that for me to marry my wife is to be sexist, therefore the act itself show I look down on her. I KNOW this is logically correct so perhaps revise?


    Anyway I get the question, the example you used for sexism is just not logically applicable to the question.


    Sexism and racism is not necesarily wrong. In fact it is reality. It is the priority of these things in our thinking that will reslt in wrong deeds. If your first and foremost priority is to love all humans, “good” sexism and racism would result.

    I have an example, good manners ( in some cultures) would require a man to open the door for a women. This is a sexist act, but it’s positive. Now if I would do this to a women of my own race (or social class), but not to a women of a different or specific race, I am being racist in the negative (even if I don’t have a pointy hat, this is racism), unless I know that they don’t like it (I’m back at positive racism). The question gets really revealing if I would open the door for a servent/poor/old/sick/dirty women or not. That would reveal the true quality and basis for my actions.

  • thenack said on Sep 04, 2007….
    There is nothing wrong with prefering to marry someone from your own culture or even socia-economic status. Racism and sexism is in the bottom line of what you want for other people. If you were to fight for black rights by uplifting black people, you’d be engaging in a race based excersise, but positive. If you were trying to uplift black people by bringing white people down, negative racism. This is how I try to see it….
  • mom said on Sep 04, 2007….

    I believe we are all sexist and, racist to a degree. I think this comes from not understanding or misinformation about the opposite sex and different races. I know that racism comes from ignorance.  I don’t mean that people are stupid although sometimes their behavior  would say otherwise.

  • silverwhisper said on Sep 04, 2007….

    sexism or racism is different from a mere preference b/c a preference doesn’t say [x] is better or worse than [y], whereas the biases you describe most certainly do.


  • bloc said on Sep 04, 2007….

    “I haven’t personally looked at the statistics for marriage and sexual relationships but if people weren’t racist nor sexist then roughly 50% of all men and women should be in same sex relationships which simply isn’t true. ”

    I don’t agree with the logic here. A man being attracted to women, and not men, does not make him sexist, and vice versa.

  • SeanRenaud said on Sep 04, 2007….
    Webster defines sexism as:1: prejudice or discrimination based on sex; especially : discrimination against women  2: behavior, conditions, or attitudes that foster stereotypes of social roles based on sex
    It seems sexist.  Though obviously nobody uses it that way.  It’s same thing as what defines a gang.  If you were to ask Webster soulcast constitutes a gang, or the word gay.  A divide has appeared betwen the definition and the meaning of some words.
    I’m just curious when does it become sexism or racism vs a preference, vs these are the people whom I have been associating with. 
    I think the closest thing to reality is that we are human and humans are prejudiced beings and likely every other species has it’s own prejudices that allow them to live.
  • bloc said on Sep 04, 2007….

    your stretching. I’m biologically wired to be attracted to women, not men, and that isn’t sexism.

  • SeanRenaud said on Sep 04, 2007….
    I am stretching.  But then that does raise interesting questions about gays and bisexuals.  Is it a “disorder” because they are wired wrong or is it a choice?
  • bloc said on Sep 04, 2007….

    i don’t believe the only answers to that question are “disorder” or choice. Is left handedness a “disorder”?

  • SeanRenaud said on Sep 04, 2007….

    What is the medical term for other than normal?
    Also granted we can overcome it with our technology but homosexuality would in nature prevent having children and passing on DNA which is tantamount to failure for most animals.  I suppose you could make a strong argument particularly with adopted vs biological parents that you’re memes>genes when it comes to what is most important to pass down to the next generation.
  • bloc said on Sep 04, 2007….

    maybe homosexuality is a natural population limiter which is a good thing?

  • SeanRenaud said on Sep 04, 2007….
    I have heard that theory and I’ve considered it.  I wonder if it’s true that either a certain percentage that has remained steady or even more convincing would be if homosexual behavior became more common after a population hits a certain number or food hits an amount of scarcity or some other measurable factor.
  • bloc said on Sep 04, 2007….

    It’s certainly interesting, but I’ve never heard of any mechanism by which DNA would of offspring could changed based on such a thing.

  • beyondtheveil said on Sep 04, 2007….

    sean- When you asked “Is it (homosexuality) a disorder because they are wired wrong or is it a choice?”, this, from Patricia Bazemore,MD, Univ. of Massachusetts School of Medicine-

    Homosexuality is the phenomenon of a person (male or female) preferring persons of the same sex for sexual activity & intimate bonding. Homosexuality is not inherently pathological. While the terms homosexual & heterosexual are convenient labels, human sexuality is much more complex & represents continuum of behavior along several dimensions. Therefore, clear demarcations between homosexuals & heterosexuals do not exist. The etiology is unclear but appears to involve a complex interplay of biological, physiological, & social factors.

  • SeanRenaud said on Sep 04, 2007….
    It wouldn’t really need to be a DNA mechanism.  It could be a social thing of some sort.  I mean I don’t think DNA told people to migrate, or to Manifest Destiny but people seem to both congregate in great numbers and seek to live with a certain amount of space without DNA triggering to say it’s time to move away from this area.
    Hell if Patricia is right and it sounds like the short version of her answer is nobody is straight or gay, everybody is in between and just lean in one direction or another.  It could be like right handed, left handed and ambidexterity where society trains you away from that by handing you things to your left, or showing you pornography with male on female sex.
  • bloc said on Sep 04, 2007….

    i’m confident that genetics is the core issue of sexuality. I’m sure that our genetic behaviors can be overcome through overwhelming circumstances, but I don’t think it is hte norm.

  • SeanRenaud said on Sep 04, 2007….
    Well we know that genetic behaviors can be overcome.  People commit suicide.  Case closed there.
    As for sexuality I pretty much agree that it is genetically hardwired.  The question is how hard is it to overcome and what situations are required for it.

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