Obama’s triumph isn’t end of racism

couldn’t agree more with David Levering Lewis’ assessment, as reported by Scott Calvert, that the election of President Barack Obama should not lead us to think that racism is a thing of the past (“Obama election won’t resolve ‘problems of race,’ historian says,” Feb. 8).

Mr. Lewis goes on to stress that the president will need to address the “rather specific disabilities that afflict people of color.”

As a white person who all my life has seen the racism white people direct toward people of color, particularly people of African descent, I would state the issue differently.

I think those of us who are white and supported Mr. Obama’s campaign (or who didn’t but want a country that is truly just) must rid ourselves, our families, our places of worship, our institutions of the affliction of racism – of white supremacy and our often unrecognized abuse of white privilege.

It is we who have a “disability” – blindness when it comes to seeing that racism still persists all around us.

It is up to us to stand behind Mr. Obama when he makes decisions and takes actions aimed at ending racial injustice.

It is up to us to stand against those in the media or the political arena who would label any attempt Mr. Obama makes to name and confront racism as “playing the race card” or “being divisive” or otherwise try to confound an issue that should be straightforward: If we seek justice, we must end racism.Dottye Burt-MarkowitzBaltimore


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