Hayward march set to mark Oscar Grant’s birthday



Nearly two months after a Hayward man was shot to death by a BART officer, protesters have threatened to disrupt service at the Fruitvale station in Oakland where Oscar Grant III died the morning of Jan. 1.

The small group gathered at the station Thursday to announce that they would shut it down next Thursday during rush hour unless officials met their ultimatum for increased accountability and other demands organizers have made since early January.

Meanwhile, Grant supporters are expected to march today — on what would have been his 23rd birthday — from the Hayward downtown BART station to City Hall.

Hayward police said they will have extra officers working in the area of the demonstration “to facilitate a peaceful protest.”

“We have been in contact with the family, and they are hoping it will be a peaceful demonstration,” police Lt. Chris Orrey said. “We will protect their right to assemble.”

The Hayward march is scheduled to start with a rally at the BART station between 4 and 4:30 p.m. Marchers then will walk up A Street to Foothill Boulevard, take Foothill to B Street, then go down B to City Hall.

On Thursday at the Fruitvale station, about 15 people walked from the station’s plaza upstairs to the platform where Grant was shot. They placed flowers inside a chalk outline meant to represent where Grant’s body lay after BART Officer Johannes Mehserle shot the unarmed man. Mehserle, who was arrested and


charged with murder in January, is out on $3 million bail. He is required to appear in court March 23. 

Also Thursday, attorneys gave members of the BART Board of Directors an overview of the status of an independent investigation being conducted by their law firm Meyers Nave.

“We will … be providing regular updates and periodic updates as to our status so everyone will be informed as to where we are at any point in time,” attorney Jayne Williams said.


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