This is the MOMENT. We are sick and tired of being ignored; we will no longer sit back while the police are allowed to get away with televised executions. We will not stop until we see justice. We DEMAND that Tony Peroni be fired and charged. Officer Tony Peroni was “caught on camera” striking Oscar Grant in the face numerous times for no reason. He set the tone for the execution of Oscar Grant. Officer Tony Peroni is just as guilty as Johannes Meserlie. WE WILL NOT LET HIM GET AWAY WITH WHAT HE DID!!!!!! Right now he is on “PAID ADMINISTRATIVE LEAVE” AKA VACATION; LETS PUT THIS PIG WHERE HE NEEDS TO BE (BEHIND BARS)…..this event is CRUCIAL . THIS IS THE MOMENT TO TAKE A STAND! MONDAY MARCH 16TH @ 5PM OAKLAND CITY HALL.

640_monrally_v3_copy_2_.jpg original image ( 1906x2976)

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