Lou Dobbs Continues With His Racist Comments on CNN Now Against Turks

Engin Sezici’s Blog

Lou Dobbs said on Tuesday during his nightly CNN broadcast that president Obama’s speech in the Turkish Parliament about religious diversity in America did not mean anything for the Turks. Lou Dobbs is a racist a**hole, who belongs Rupert Murdoch’s Fox News Network with his nightly crusade against the Mexicans and all immigrants for that matter. Dobbs said on Tuesday that religious diversity did not mean anything for Turks since 98.8% of the population is Moslem. So? 98.8% of the U.S, population is Christian. What is your point?

Does Mr. Dobbs have any idea about the Turkish history before and after Ataturk founded the Republic of Turkey in 1923? Does he have any clue that Turkey, since the days of the Ottoman Empire, is the first and only nation in the world who introduced the religious diversity to the world?

Turkey was the only country who saved the Jewish minority in Spain, whose grand children still live in Istanbul today, in their beloved home land.

Of course not. Looking at president Obama’s speech, he was smoking pot during his history classes as well.

Mr. president and Mr. Lou Dobbs the chief racist on American television, both of you, please do your homework before you open your mouths.

What do you know about religious diversity?

Read history, learn about it, and then talk.

At least president Obama did not step out of his plane in Istanbul and called it Constantinople.

Big progress.

As far as Mr. Dobbs goes, he should go f**k himself.


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